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Childhood without war

The war continues in Ukraine. And it's extremely difficult for all adults. And for children, who can not influence the situation at all, it can cause irreparable damage. It is never possible to predict how and what will affect a child's psychological and physical health and whether a child will be able to recover from such horrors in childhood. That is why many parents are trying to take their children out of the war zone.

However, there are children from boarding schools and family-type orphanages who cannot receive enough attention in such extremely difficult conditions. They suffer even more because they do not feel protected enough.

To help such children, the project "Childhood without War" was launched.




Currently, the project involves the evacuation of more than 2,500 children. They receive not only a peaceful sky, but also good living conditions, a regular balanced diet and the opportunity to breathe the sea air. All this is provided by the main sponsor of the project Ruslan Shostak.
But every extra hryvnia / dollar helps increase the number of children evacuated. Each of your transfers gives another child a chance to avoid psychological trauma for life.

Evacuation of the most vulnerable population from Ukraine to Turkey:

  • Orphans

  • Children deprived of parental care and custody

  • Children in difficult life circumstances.

As well as accompanying persons / guardians / custodians and their own children.

Evacuation and safe stay in Turkey of Ukrainian children and persons accompanying them for the period of hostilities in Ukraine.

Main sponsor and organizer of the project
The ideological inspirer and sponsor of this project is a Ukrainian businessman, founder of the national retail chains EVA and VARUS - Ruslan Shostak.
"Children are our future and they must grow up in the right conditions. Our project provides a peaceful sky and preserves both the psychological and physical health of children. War is a difficult psychological test. One can only imagine how all the fears may affect the future of these children, who are not so happy and deprived in life. I am glad that we can mitigate this influence and bring back their smiles."

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