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Used vehicles save lives

Civilian infrastructure in the frontline regions was destroyed by the aggressor. There is a screaming deficit of vehicles to transport refugees, wounded and people in need, to supply food and water, to provide basic public services.  These regions were civilians’ life turned to a burning hell, require hundreds of trucks and cars to save lives and health of the people. 

We, as a Charity Foundation, have been buying used cars across Europe, but our resources are not endless, and we cannot help on our own.


We are looking for the old, retired from service or damaged vehicles including:
•    Buses and minibuses
•    Ambulance cars and fire trucks
•    4X4 vehicles
•    Any other trucks and cars
No matter what the shape of such vehicles is if they can move around and help people. 


If you, your business, or your local community would like to join the initiative, we appreciate delivery of such vehicles to one of our collection points located in Berlin, Frankfurt or Warsaw.  We are happy to issue legally required papers for donation or sell at a nominal price of such vehicles by you. Our volunteer drivers and auto trailers would transport such vehicles to Ukraine via the Polish border, we would take care of fuel and other transportation expenses. Our Charity Foundation would distribute the vehicles and report back to you on their recipients.

Please contact [email protected] for more information or fill out the form below:

Fill out the form to get more information:

Thank you! We received your request.

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