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UAV operator training center

Unmanned aerial vehicles have become one of Ukraine's main symbols of the modern war for freedom and independence against the onslaught of barbarism and evil. Modern warfare is, first of all, a confrontation of technologies, thus UAVs are irreplaceable "eyes" that serve both military and civilian services, save lives and make "bavovna" (‘cotton’ in English; when there is an explosion somewhere in russia) for enemies.

​The drone project for the KOLO Charitable Foundation began in the first weeks of the war in cooperation with the Dutch non-governmental organization EYESONUKRAINE.EU. Then, foreign partners provided quadcopters for distribution to document the russian federation's war crimes against Ukraine.

But with the development of hostilities in Ukraine, the use of drones has become essential. They provide one of the possibilities of the same asymmetric response in the fight against overwhelming enemy forces to conduct deep reconnaissance, adjust fire and directly destroy targets. Thanks to the combination of traditional and innovative weapons, our heroic army not only did not retreat but also continues to give a worthy rebuff to the enemy.

In response to the growing demand, our foundation created the "KOLO-FLY" UAV operator training center. We have implemented free training in small groups with an individual approach and significant practice, which has already been completed by more than 140 people. As part of the training, our foundation also provided more than 400 brand-new drones for more efficient task performance.

The KOLO-FLY project needs funds for the purchase of high-quality drones, as well as for the maintenance and development of the center in order to have the opportunity to train even more qualified operators.

Let's fly to victory together!

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