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Volunteers for volunteers


One of the activities of the BF "KOLO", which consists in cooperation with volunteers/volunteer organizations/funds regarding the purchase, import, delivery and distribution of any aid for the Ukrainian military, doctors, rescuers. 
Since February 2022, volunteers of the "KOLO" Charitable Foundation have purchased and handed over 1,500 tons of humanitarian aid, more than 7,000 units of military equipment and more than 300 cars for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and civilians. We have extensive experience in the search, purchase, transportation, customs declaration of goods and vehicles. We also operate logistics premises in Berlin, Warsaw, Lviv region, Kyiv and Dnipro. 

OUR GOAL: to support, increase the capacity and expand the geography of the volunteer movement by combining our strengths and experience with the purchasing power and connections of other volunteers/organizations.
If your acquaintance/friend/colleague/favorite barista is on the frontline and needs a backpack/tactical gloves/knee pads, and you don't know which to choose, come to us!
If your community or community raised funds for the purchase of an off-road vehicle/thermal imager/generator/military uniform, but does not know where it can be purchased and how to deliver it - we will do it! Namely, we will find what is needed, in Europe or in the world, prepare the necessary documents for passing customs control, and bring it to Ukraine.
If you or your volunteer/veteran organization want to support the military brotherhood and know how to help Ukrainian defenders, but do not have personal contacts. Or if you want to personally come to Ukraine to see the country of Heroes with your own eyes and get to know them - contact us!
If you have collected money to help Ukraine to eliminate the consequences of armed aggression, but you do not understand or do not know the actual needs - we will guide you and help you!


The war continues, and we continue to actively volunteer. Since the start of the full-scale invasion, we have developed our sourcing, procurement, shipping and distribution capabilities. And now we can process a larger number of needs and orders. And help those who have difficulties with logistical issues. This applies to any support for our military, medics, rescuers regarding vehicles (SUVs, pickups, ambulances), ammunition and equipment, generators, etc. Our activities are carried out on a volunteer basis - at our own expense. With joint efforts, we will increase support for the Defenders of Ukraine and bring our Victory closer! 


During this time, almost two dozen international and domestic foundations, volunteer organizations and philanthropists work with BF "Kolo" within the scope of "Volunteers for volunteers".

Ukrainian Freedom Fund (United States of America) 
Aga-Ucraína (Spain)
Eyes on Ukraine (Netherlands)
Medical Volunteer Battalion "Hospitaliers" (Ukraine)
The Vest Project (Canada) 
Foundation Miller & Smith (Poland) 
Ukrainian San Antonio (United States of America)
Marine Travel and Canterbury Club (Great Britain) 
Robert Sher (United States of America) 
Vakhtang Kebuladze, Volodymyr Yermolenko and UkraineWorld, Internews Ukraine, Kult: Podcast (Ukraine)
North Group, The North of England P&I Association Limited, North of England P&I DAC (Great Britain)
Ukrainian American Cultural Club of Houston (United States of America)
NGO "World Embroidery Day" (Ukraine)
Asociación "Ucranianos de Almería" (Spain) 
The Paul Chester Children's Hope Foundation (United States of America)
Gemini Web Media (UK)
Vadim Mazur and the company "Skyline Software LTD" (Ukraine)

by phone:
Oleksiy +38 (066) 367 01 57
Sergey +38 (050) 387 15 10

in our social networks by writing to us in private messages: 

                                        THANK YOU FOR YOUR TRUST AND COOPERATION!

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