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Russian warplane followed russian warship

Building our victory with the wreckage of an enemy plane!

Make a donation to the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the amount of $200 or more, and you will get a vivid testimony of the doom of Russia's armed invasion in the form of a pennant with a scrap of a Russian SU-34 destroyed by Ukrainian defenders in the battle for Kyiv.

08:15. March 18, 2022. In the Kyiv region, the Air Defense Forces of the Ground Forces of Ukraine shot down an enemy SU-34 fighter using a MANPADS Stinger. This aircraft was intended by Russia to bombard residential areas with FAB-500 unguided high-explosive bombs, the most powerful of those in its arsenal. The wreckage of the crushed fighter fell in the Buchansky district near the then-occupied village of Buzova. The fate of the pilots is unknown.

photo_2022-07-25 13.59.54-depositphotos-bgremover.png

The two photos BEFORE and AFTER the meeting with the defenders of Ukraine show the same fighter-bomber. This is evidenced by its flight number on the fuselage. According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as of today, 220 Russian planes have gone after the "warship".


If you have made a donation in the amount of more than 200 dollars or its equivalent in any other currency and wish to receive such an artifact of Russian aggression, please let us know in the Facebook messenger or by email [email protected] . Shipping options will be agreed with our representative.


Thank you for supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine and contributing to our joint Victory!

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