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Urgent hospitals needs

The KOLO Charitable Foundation actively helps hospitals in need of medicines, consumables and medical devices. The foundation also prepares first aid kits that are sent to the front.

Medicines and medical devices have already been delivered to the Main Military Clinical Hospital, Zhytomyr Regional Medical Hospital, National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery of Myrola Amosov, Drohobych City Hospital and many others.

Currently, local hospitals are in a constant need of the basic medicines and equipment, including:

  • Firs Aid Kit components: Tourniquets, Israeli Bandage, QuikClot Gauze (S or Z type), Surgical gloves, Marker, Medical shears;

  • Anesthetic: Lidocaine or similar;

  • Analgesic: Paracetamol or analogs, Fentanyl or similar;

  • Antibiotics: Metronidazol, Amikacin, Tienam or similar;

  • Hemostatic: Octaplex, Tachocomb or similar;

  • Medical equipment: System for intravenous infusions PR system, dropper, Medical cotton, Blood collection containers, Blood collection systems, Sterile bandages (different sizes), sets of sterile surgical instruments, etc.

If you would like to get more information or you have any questions, please contact

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